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Wilderness Fishing Peninsula

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The Wilderness Fishing Peninsula is a small fishing spot slightly south of the Demonic Ruins. This area is mostly deserted. This happened when player-killing was replaced with Revenants. This is a common revenant patrol route, so it is wise to bring an energy potion and some food.

Now, it is commonly used by Revenant hunters who go to the ruins seeking out Revenants to kill. There are only 3 Cage/Harpoon spots found here, and they move often. This is also one of two Fishing spots where players may fish lobsters and swordfishes in free-to-play worlds.

There are 2 dead trees nearby, so if players are fishing here, or restocking on food, they should bring an axe and a tinderbox for a small fire to cook the fish that they caught.

Player use & HistoryEdit

This peninsula is commonly used by Revenant hunters to restock on food when they run out.

In the past, when player-killing was still around in the Wilderness, this place saw some business with all the player-killers waiting for an unsuspecting adventurer to pass by so they could kill them.

After the removal of player-killing in the Wilderness, it was abandoned with hardly anyone passing through except for an occasional Revenant hunting clan on their way to the ruins. On World 1, the spot is usually visited by Revenant Hunters from the Lvl. 38 Wilderness Chaos Temple that are restocking on food. There is a Dead Tree nearby that can be used for a fire, if necessary.

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