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The Western Lands are a region spoken of by only one character in RuneScape; the Zamorakian Spirit found in the Spirit Realm parallel to the Wilderness Chaos Temple.

The identity of the Western Lands remains a subject about which virtually no information can be found. As the spirit seems to have lived during the very last days of the Third Age, it is likely that the lands "fell" during or slightly before his lifetime; however, because he lived during the God Wars, it cannot be safely assumed what region this refers to.

File:World Map Leak.png

The term seems to refer to a yet-unknown region that fell prior to the spirit's death. It could refer to a destroyed region on the mainland as well, however, that has yet to be re-discovered.

The activity Soul Wars is positioned to a far west point on the world map, and once speculated the Western Lands, but after it was moved to west of Mobilising Armies, this is no longer believed, as parts of the elven lands are located further west.


This is the part of the dialogue of the Spirit when you can speak about the western lands:

File:Western lands.png
Player - What are you doing here?
Spirit - The sword has sought its new home and my time in flesh was over. Demons laughed and angels wept. I froze but my lord moved, and I was left in the prescence of pain.
Player - I take it you died?
Spirit - Haha your dance entertains Gnameall
Player - Is that a yes?
Spirit - As truly as the western lands fell. But I have not strayed from his red path. No, I have been careful.
(choose of 2 options)

Note that western lands is not capitalized, so it might refer to pretty much everything west of the chaos temple.

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