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Tutorial Cellar

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Duke of Lumbridge





Combat instructors
Draynor Village Tutorial Cellar Lumbridge General Store
Lumbridge Castle

The Tutorial Cellar is where new players first start and is the setting for the two tutorial quest originally Learning the Ropes, which is now obsolete, and its new replacement tutorial Unstable Foundations. This replaced Tutorial Island as the starting point for new playes, because Jagex wanted to make the tutorial seem more "quest-like and exciting". Here players get to customise their character, learn the basics of the game, learn the rules, and earn the right to talk freely. It is located underneath Roddeck's House in Lumbridge and after the tutorial it can not be accessed again except by players who have created an account before Unstable Foundations was released can go down the ladder and are able to visit the old Sir Vant. If not when a payer attempts to climb down the ladder they are given te examin text: The lower end of the ladder has been completely destroyed. You can't climb down it. When you finish the tutorial the players are allowed to roam the realm of RuneScape and begin the game. The Tutorial Cellar can only be accessed on the World Map when you are in it.

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