The Other Inn
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Release date 7 February 2006 (Update)
Location Mos Le'Harmless
Members only? Yes
Sells Beer, Braindeath 'rum', Jug of Wine
NPCs Mama, Bill Teach, 4 Pirates
Monsters None
Related quests None
Other info None

The Other Inn is in the pirate town of Mos Le'Harmless It is run by a NPC Mama. Players can buy a variety of alcoholic drinks there. The inn's name comes from the fact that there is another, more popular inn called Harpoon Joe's House of 'Rum', very near to it, so nobody takes much interest in "the other inn". This is very interesting, considering that The Other Inn is larger, closer to the docks, sells the same food and drinks, and seems to be more well-kept. It is possible that Mama built the Inn after Harpoon Joe's house of 'rum' was constructed, and was too unoriginal to make a different name, or that the locals gave the bar its name.

File:The other inn.png

Item Number in stock Stock Price Purchase Price GE Price

align=center| Exchange:Beer

align=left| Beer




align=center| Jug of wine

align=left| Jug of wine


Template:Exchange:Jug of wine


align=center| Stew

align=left| Stew





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