The Esoterican Arms
File:Esoterican arms 4.png
Release date 22 May 2006 (Update)
Location Miscellania dungeon
Members only? Yes
Sells Beer, Cider, Jug of wine, Cup of tea
NPCs Runa, Donal
Monsters None
Related quests Royal Trouble
Other info None
File:Esoterican arms 3.png

The Esoterican Arms is a bar located beneath Miscellania. It was recently constructed as part of Miscellania's subterranean expansion project. The project involves expanding the cave system beneath Miscellania, which were once the kingdom's dungeons.

According to the inn's only barmaid, Runa, the business is booming thanks to the heightened traffic to the area. The dwarves that are expanding the caves are also very fond of ale, boosting business even further.

Although the ale sold here is said to be Miscellanian, it has actually been imported from the mainland.

To access the bar, players must be partially through the Royal Trouble quest.

Drink Cost
Beer 2 coins
Cider 2 coins
Wine 128 coins
Tea 10 coins
File:Esoterican arms.png
File:Esoterican arms 2.png


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