This article is about the dungeon. For the quest, see Temple of Ikov.
Ranging Guild
Fishing Guild Temple of Ikov Sorcerer's Tower
East Ardougne
Temple of Ikov
Kingdom Kandarin
Members Area Yes
Main Music Chain of Command
Levels 2
Strongest Monster Lesarkus the Fire Warrior (during quest)
Lesser Demon (after quest)
Quests Temple of Ikov
Inhabitants/Race Various
File:Temple of Ikov location.png

The Temple of Ikov is a dungeon in Hemenster. Players do not need to have started the Temple of Ikov quest to get access to it. It is located north of East Ardougne, just south of the Ranging Guild.

The music track here is Chain of Command, and the only non-player characters in residence are Winelda and the Guardians of Armadyl. This is also where the Staff of Armadyl is located.

This dungeon is the only place ice arrows can be obtained.

File:Web with giant spider temple of ikov.png

To pass to the second portion of the dungeon, you must be wearing the pendant of lucien.

Players can also pick up boots of lightness in a room down a flight of stairs west of the entrance, though they will need a knife or a bladed weapon to cut through a spiderweb. A light source is needed to obtain the boots.

File:Ikov entrance.jpg

Near the end of the dungeon, there is a ladder leading up to a small building with a locked door adjacent to McGrubor's Wood. This door can be opened using the shiny key that spawns at the very end of the dungeon. This ladder along with the shiny key allows you easy access to the end of the dungeon. The shiny key can be added to the steel key ring.

This is a great place to fight lesser demons, because there is hardly anyone fighting them here, and it is furthermore pretty close to the Seer's Village bank.





  • The Armadyl pendant can be obtained within this dungeon. If you went the Armadyl side, speak to one of the Guardians and they will give you one. However, if you sided with Lucien, you will have to kill them in order to get one.
  • There is a glitch on the dungeon while doing the quest in which you can make unlimited Fire warriors who will remain there even if you log out.
  • When examined, the trapdoor near the lever says "Don't you open that trapdoor!". This is a reference to the TV series, The Trap door, whose theme tune included those exact words.
  • If you go to the most southern point of the ice section of the Temple of Ikov, part of the Legends Guild basement can be seen
  • There is a glitch that if you kill a lesser demon by a stalagmite the drop will show up on the stalagmite.