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Southern Sea

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Kandarin Southern Sea Kharidian desert

The Southern sea is a vast area in Gielinor between Asgarnia and Kandarin, and below Misthalin. It includes most of the islands in RuneScape. The sea is also a very convenient way of transportation, using ships to get from one place to another.

Transportation Edit

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The main way of transportation in the sea is by ships. Ships can take players to and from Entrana, the Void Knights' Outpost, Musa Point, lower Karamja, Brimhaven, and the Fishing Platform. Players can charter ships, buy their own ship, although this is only in the Dragon Slayer quest and the ship is destroyed after a crash landing on Crandor, use the Void Knight ships to get to the Void Knights' Outpost, or use the monk ships to get to Entrana. Some ships charge players, such as the charter ships and the ships taking players to Musa Point while others, such as the monk ships and Void Knight ships, will transport the player free of charge. Also, players who have completed The Grand Tree can take a Gnome Glider to a southern part of Karamja. In addition to this players who have completed Monkey Madness can return to Crash Island and then take a boat to Ape Atoll by talking to Daero on the second floor of the Grand Tree.

For more information please see the following articles

Quests Edit

The Sea is involved with many quests. Some of these are... (please note that an "m" indicates that the quest is members only)

Activities Edit

There are many activities to be played out at sea. Please note that these are all members only. Some include:

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