West Ardougne
Arandar Scorpius Shrine Battlefield

The Scorpius Shrine is found south-west of Ardougne in some crumbling ruins atop a hill. Here the Spirit of Scorpius lurks around his gravestone. There are also some ghosts, grave scorpions, and dead trees, as well as thirteen bone spawns. The Shrine appears to have the symbol of Zaros on it, but it is not the symbol of Zaros.

By talking to Scorpius, players can get an Unholy mould and have their Unholy symbols blessed. A ghostspeak amulet is not needed to talk to Scorpius, but he will only talk to players who have "seen beyond the stars" (finished the Observatory Quest).

Nearby is the Ourania Cave, home of the Ourania rune altar, and a Prayer altar.

Players can also catch Red salamanders around the area for the Hunter skill.

In addition, players may find Solus Dellagar here if they are doing the Wanted! quest. To summon Solus you MUST be standing within the brick walls of the shrine.