Rising Sun Inn
Release date 6 April 2001 (Update)
Location Falador
Members only? No
Sells Wizard's Mind Bomb, Dwarven Stout, Asgarnian Ale
NPCs 3 Barmaids (Kaylee, Emily and Tina) and Drunken man
Monsters None
Related quests Barcrawl, Recipe for Disaster, Dragon Slayer
Other info Buys beer glasses

The Rising Sun Inn can be found in Falador. The bar is run by three barmaids: Kaylee, Emily, and Tina. All three barmaids will sell any player a wizard's mind bomb, dwarven stout, or Asgarnian ale. This bar does not sell ordinary beer. It does, however, offer the unusual service of buying back (noted or unnoted) empty beer glasses for 2 coins each. This bar is also a stop on the Barcrawl miniquest and is involved in the Recipe for Disaster quest. The top floor of the bar is home to a drunken man which you can kill.

All three barmaids have the same appearance - except for Emily, who has blonde hair instead of brown like her co-workers, seem to be the same age, wear the same clothing (though this is probably because it is their uniform), have the same attitude, and say the exact same things when you talk to them.

Music UnlockedEdit

Honky Tonky Harmony.

Trivia Edit

  • The bar is on the west end of Falador, across from the bank.  The stat-increasing beer, as required for the Falador Achievement Diary, is also known as the Wizards Mind Bomb.
  • For a long time, the inn was on a slight hill, which would require the player to go climb a few stairs. For an unknown reason, later there was no incline, but the original stairs remained, which appeared to be "pointy". Jagex even made a notice about it on the report-a-bug/fault feature on the RuneScape website saying that it isn't a glitch, and that they were working on it. The flat stairs are no longer on the hill.