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Red Dragon Isle is a members-only location that stretches from level 36 to level 42 Wilderness. It is a multi-combat area, and as the name suggests, it is home to several red dragons. The landscape is even more charred than the wilderness around it, and Dragon Egg sit on the ground in various spots. This is not a popular training area, as it is in deep wilderness and revenants commonly patrol the area. However, there are safe spots if players wish to train on the dragons using ranged attacks or with a halberd, and there are white berries there that respawn very quickly, which players may collect and sell for a decent profit. An anti dragon shield is a must if players wish to visit this deadly part of the wilderness. Revenants have been sighted inside of the isle, passing the gate and respawn at the south of the isle.

William can be found near the entrance selling Team capes 1, 11, 21, 31, and 41.



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