Players must complete the Nature Spirit quest to gain access to the grotto.
Nature Grotto
Kingdom Morytania
Members Area Yes
Main Music Grotto
Levels N/A
Strongest Monster None
Quests Nature Spirit
Inhabitants/Race Filliman Tarlock, Nature Spirit/Ghost

Deep within the Mort Myre Swamp, the grotto is hidden in a tree that is only unlockable during and after the Nature Spirit quest. The tree itself is in the middle of a small island, which can be accessed by jumping across the broken bridge south of the island. Filliman Tarlock is found here.


One of only six altars in RuneScape that boost players' Prayer points above the maximum level (one is located in the Monastery, northeast of Falador; another is located in Oo'glog and the third in the pyramid near Uzer, at the statue of Amascut, although this altar will do some damage to your life points by using it. With the quest The Temple at Senntisten you gain access to the Altar of Zaros which provides a 15% boost to the player's Prayer level. The altar in Seers' Village also gives the player a small boost if they have completed the entire Seers' Village Diary). Players may also bless their silver sickles here.

File:Nature grotto.png

The Nature Grotto is one of many places where players can recharge their Summoning points. Along with this, there is a Summoning shop, which is known as the Wishing well. This is also the location of one of the few large Summoning obelisks in RuneScape. The well contains the same items as other Summoning shops, even though there is no apparent shopkeeper running the shop.

The Nature Grotto may be a reference to Yoda's hut from the Star Wars trilogy. Both were small and made from dirt and tree based and both are in a swamp filled with dangerous creatures.

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