Dwarven Mine Misthalin Training Centre of Excellence Cooks' Guild
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The Misthalin Training Centre of Excellence is a training centre for player safety. It can be found between Edgeville and Gunnarsgrunn, and south of Edgeville. The centre allows players who are under age 13 to access to the Stronghold of Player Safety by means of a short safety test administered by Professor Henry, the centre's supervisor. To take the test, players must first inspect each Jail cell door in the Stronghold of Player Safety's jail. Upon completing the test, players will receive two Antique lamps which give 500 experience each and the Safety First emote.

Originally, all players had to complete the test to access the Stronghold's main dungeon, however a later update allowed players older than 13 to completely bypass inspecting the jail cell doors and taking the test, and immediately enter the dungeon. Players who skip this test will receive the Safety First emote and experience lamps when they search the chest at the end of the Stronghold dungeon.

Reward Edit

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