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King Vargas, later You (After Throne of Miscellania quest), King Vargas and Queen Sigrid (After Blood Runs Deep)



Fremennik Humans.


Fremennik Isles Miscellania Etceteria
Waterbirth Island

Miscellania is a small island off the north-west coast of the Fremennik Province. Once a player has completed the Throne of Miscellania quest, all inhabitants view that player as Prince or Princess Regent of the island of Miscellania, and they work for the player if his or her popularity is high.

While talking to local inhabitants, players will be always referred to by their Fremennik name.

Travel Edit

  • The boat to the south of the island leads to a dock in Rellekka. The Sailor shall let you use the boat only if you have completed The Fremennik Trials quest.
  • If you have a Miscellania Teleport scroll, you can teleport to Miscellania. You teleport right to the square of Miscellania. You can buy Miscellania Teleport scrolls from the grand exchange, or you can get them from clue scrolls.
  • If you have 83 Farming and have grown a spirit tree here, you can use it to teleport very near to Etceteria.
  • Fairy ring code CIP which teleports the player south of the mine on Miscellania. Likewise, the Fairy Code only works on completion of the quest, otherwise the rings treat the code as unrecognized and teleport you just a few spaces from the main ring.
  • If the player's Construction is level 30 or higher the player is able to move their house to Rellekka for 10k. They can then simply use house teleport, walk a short distance north, and then sail to Miscellania.
  • If you have lunar spells turned on, then you can teleport to Lunar Isle without Seal of Passage, talk to anyone at Lunar Isle and they will kick you off, making you reappear at Rellekka. Then take the boat to Miscellania at the port.
  • Using the enchanted lyre from The Fremennik Trials, the player can teleport just south of the entrance to Rellekka, where a short walk can take him or her to the boat to Miscellania.

Notable features Edit

Managing Miscellania Edit

Main article: Managing Miscellania

Market Stalls Edit

In the courtyard of the Miscellanian castle are market areas which include fish and vegetable stalls where you may practice thieving. At level 2 Thieving, you may steal cabbages, garlic, onions, potatoes, or tomatoes from the vegetable stalls. If you have level 42 Thieving you can pilfer raw salmon, tuna or lobster.

If you are caught stealing, you cannot buy anything from the stalls for about 48 hours (instead of the usual 15–30 minutes).

Stealing from the stalls also decreases your approval rating. Although the normal drop in a person's approval rating, if leaving their kingdom unattended, can only decrease to 25% (1% drop per day), stealing may lead to an approval rating of 0%.

Greengrocer storeEdit

File:M&E greengrocer.pngEdit

Item Price
Cabbage 1 coin
Potato 16 coins
Onion 12 coins
Tomato 14 coins
Garlic 3 coins


File:M&E fishmonger.png

Item Price
Fishing rod 5 coins
Fly fishing rod 5 coins
Harpoon 45 coins
Lobster pot 20 coins
Fishing bait 3 coins
Feather 6 coins
Big fishing net 20 coins
Raw sardine 10 coins


A flower girl in the Miscellanian market sells coloured flowers for 15 coins each. She sells the red/blue/yellow flower combination; no other colours are available. Flowers are used during the Throne of Miscellania quest.

Patches Edit

There is a flower patch, but this is only used in Kingdom management; players cannot grow crops here.

Miscellania Dungeon Edit

Main article: Miscellania & Etceteria Dungeon

Miscellania & Etceteria Dungeon has various shops and can only be entered half-way through Royal Trouble. Here you can buy various items from various shops.

File:M&E general store.png

Item Price
Pot 1 coin
Jug 1 coin
Shears 1 coin
Bucket 2 coins
Bowl 4 coins
Cake tin 10 coins
Tinderbox 1 coin
Chisel 1 coin
Hammer 1 coin

File:M&E clothes shop.png

Item Price
Fremennik shirt 325 coins
Fremennik robe 650 coins
Fremennik skirt 650 coins
Skirt 715 coins
Trousers 910 coins
Shorts 468 coins
Woven top 812 coins
Shirt 780 coins

File:M&E food store.png

Item Price
Bread 12 coins
Cheese 8 coins
Cabbage 1 coin
Onion 12 coins
Pot of flour 14 coins
Chocolate bar 20 coins
Bucket of milk 12 coins

File:M&E esocterican arms.png

Item Price
Beer 2 coins
Cider 2 coins
Jug of wine 128 coins
Cup of tea 10 coins


King Vargas Prince Brand Princess Astrid Ashild
Advisor Ghrim Fisherman Frodi Miner Magnus Greengrocer
Gardener Gunnhild Lumberjack Leif Skraeling Fishmonger
Signy Reinn Hild (Miscellania) Helga
Armod Beigarth Thorodin Haming
Ferd Alviss Jari Ragnvald
Fullangr Ingrid Tjorvi Rannveig
Runa Thora Osvald Flower Girl
Finn Runolf Halla Broddi
Queen Sigrid (after Blood Runs Deep)

Music unlocked Edit


Throne of Miscellania

Royal Trouble

Blood Runs Deep


  • The examine info for the NPC Lumberjack Leif is "He's a lumberjack and he's okay." This is a reference to Monty Python's "The Lumberjack Song."
  • The names of Miscellania and Etceteria are based on the words "miscellaneous" and "et cetera". (abbreviated as etc.)
  • Many of the people who live on Miscellania and Etceteria have names of Norse origin, like Einar, Ragnvald and Ingrid.
  • The resources' respawn rates are much higher than normal.
  • The two patches that you can weed to increase your popularity, flax and herb patches, will not regrow weeds if you are logged out.
  • Even if you run out of membership, the inhabitants will still gather resources for you.
  • If you fish for Fisherman Frodi with a familiar such as an Ibis, the familiar will still produce fish for you.
  • Due to the Glorious Memories Quest, the look of King Vargas has been significantly changed. He used to resemble a huge man who wore a huge white shirt, big eyes and white spiky hair standing up straight. Now he is much smaller and uses his hands to support his standing.
  • It is possible to see the Iceberg from certain parts of the north of the area.
  • It seems that some citizens appear to be suspicious of you if your approval is low (ex. the gardener near the flax and herbs patches)
  • On August 4th some users experienced receiving huge amounts of supplies from misc. People received around 1k of each herb, 1k nests and 102k maples with a value of 70m. Later, after the glitch was discovered Jagex disabled users from accessing their kingdom through talking to the king's assistant.

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