Trollweiss Mountain Mahjarrat Ritual Site Cavern Frozen Waste Plateau
Ice Path
Mahjarrat Ritual Site Cavern
Kingdom Fremennik Province
Members Area Yes
Main Music Rest for the Weary
Levels 1
Strongest Monster Jelly
Quests The Tale of the Muspah
Inhabitants/Race Jellies
File:Canoe boat ride.png
File:TIC map by me.jpg

The Mahjarrat Ritual Site Cavern, also known as the Trollweiss Ice Caves, is an icy cave system in The North. The only way to travel there is to take the canoe made during The Tale of the Muspah from the Trollweiss Hunter area. During The Tale of the Muspah, the Mahjarrat Jhallan tells players that this cavern is below a ritual stone involved in the Ritual of Rejuvenation. After releasing him from his previous hibernation spot, the player meets Jhallan here and helps him find a peaceful hibernation area where he can wait, encased in ice, until the Ritual happens.

The area is a popular place to kill Jellies due to their comparatively high drop rate of level 3 clue scrolls. Jellies can be safe spotted in the northernmost section of the eastern cave containing Jellies behind some rocks.

If a player dies in these caves, their gravestone will appear just outside the cave entrance.




  • The Jellies in the Ritual Site Cavern are blue-white in colour as opposed to the usual green.
  • One flaw of this area for killing Jellies is that the player cannot cast spells such as Low and High Alchemy, which are normally quite useful when fighting jellies due to the steel and mithril equipment they commonly drop. An easy way to get around this is to simply go outside to alch loot when your inventory gets too full, then to go back in to continue fighting the Jellies.
  • The glow emanating from the roof of the cavern resembles the glow emanating from the Mysterious ruins which mark the entrance to the various Runecrafting altars. Since no Runecrafting altar is known to exist around that area, the glow may relate to the Soul altar, the only unreleased altar. Jhallan says that the light comes from the Mahjarrats' ritual stone, at which they sacrifice one of their members, perfectly fitting the Soul Altar.
  • This area used to be slightly more dangerous as players wouldn't get a gravestone if they died in the cave. It is much safer since the update, as the gravestone appears outside the cave and can easily be reached in under four minutes by using the fairy ring to reach the Trollweiss Hunter area, and from there taking the canoe to near the cave entrance.
  • Jhallan mentions the "ritual stone" is located directly above his cave, but this is debatable. When a player studies the placement of his resting place in comparison to the World Map, players will find it is extremely close to the base of Zemouregal.
  • On the minimap the exit is marked with the ladder symbol, although the actual exit is a cave opening.
  • Dwarf multicannons cannot be assembled in this area, because 'The frosty air has numbed your fingers too much to be able to assemble the cannon'.

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