The North
Trollweiss Mountain Ice Path God Wars Dungeon
File:Dt ice shelf HD.png

The Ice Path is a path ascending up a mountain, in the Troll Country region of Gielinor. It has no purpose other than the part it plays during the Ice diamond section of the quest, Desert Treasure. It is extremely dangerous, and players are advised not to enter unless prepared. The entrance to the path is barred with a gate and players may only pass if they have completed the Desert Treasure quest, or if they supply the Troll child at the entrance with something sweet, like a Chocolate cake. (This is only needed for the first visit.)

Because of the extremely cold conditions, players cannot run after passing the Ice Gate (although this effect can be countered by bathing in Oo'glog spas) and have their life points periodically reduced by 10. Players' other stats (except, at this time, Constitution) are also be decremented by one periodically when on the Ice Path. Towards the end of the path, after defeating Kamil, players must use Spiked boots on the ice shelf to be able walk at all and may still slip and fall several times, taking 20 life points of damage.

Note: Remember to bring Prayer potions and Restore potions, or Super Restore Potions, and good food (lobsters or better).