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Fremennik Isles Here be penguins Trollweiss Mountain

Here be penguins is a small arctic island north of Etceteria and Miscellania that is only inhabited by penguins. These penguins can be killed through Ranged attacks from the shore of Miscellania. The only non-attackable NPC on the island is the Macaroni penguin, which can only be examined. Here Be Penguins was released before the Cold War quest which introduced the penguin iceberg. The only way to access the island is via the fairy ring teleportation system.

Before the Summoning skill was released, Jagex introduced the Raven egg and Vulture egg into the game. In addition, there were several pictures of birds' eggs in the Knowledge Base, including the penguin egg. However, no one knew how to get this egg. Some players speculated that it could be received as a drop from penguins, and thus began an en mass slaughtering of penguins on the Here be penguins island. It was not until Summoning was released when it was revealed that the penguin egg was not a drop from penguins, but could simply be retrieved from the penguin keeper in Ardougne Zoo with the required Summoning level.

Note: Although this may be a glitch, it has been confirmed that killing these penguins will lower your approval rating for kingdom management in the same way as killing Miscellanian and Etceterian citizens.

Other Notable PlacesEdit

A nearby place is only noted on the map by Iceberg. And of course, Miscellania.

Trivia Edit

  • Its name may be a play on the fact that some medieval mapmakers in Europe wrote "Here be Dragons" on unknown territory. Or it could be the Stephen King short story "Here be tygers".

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