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Herb running is the process of making money through killing NPCs that commonly drop herbs used as money-making methods or for herblore. Common methods include killing chaos druids and Aberrant Spectres.


Chaos druids are found in the following locations:

1. The Edgeville dungeon

2. The Taverley dungeon

3. The Yanille Agility dungeon

Aberrant Spectres are found in the following locations:

1. Canifis slayer tower

2. Summona's dungeon (multi-combat)


Primarily melee is used to kill chaos druids and abbarent spectres. Due to chaos druids being only level 13 combat, few strategies are neccessary for effective killing. It is recommended that you use a scimitar or a dagger, preferably a dragon dagger. DO NOT use a poison dagger, no experience is gained from the damage the poison does on the Druids.

Abberent spectres have two primary strategies: wearing prayer boosting gear and using the protect from magic prayer, or wearing magic defence gear and eating repeatedly.

What to pick up Edit

There are two primary strategies on what to pick up. The first is to pick up all herbs and bank them all. The second strategy is to pick up the more valuable herbs only, the "Irit and above" strategy:

When training using Chaos Druids (best location for this method is Edgeville Dungeon) pick up:

> Irit

> Ranarr

> Avantoe

> Lantadyme

> Dwarf Weed

> Cadantine

These herbs are the most efficient types to make money; a player can obtain 150k-200k in a single trip.

To better enhance this, the Edgeville Resource Dungeon can be a profitable place to obtain these herbs, however 10 Dungeoneering is need to access it. Inside, there are around 20 Chaos Druids, plus a grimy irit and grimy ranarr respawn on either side of the room.

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