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No. of banks

1 (in the Fishing Guild, the next closest bank is in Seers' Village)



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[view] Hemenster is a quiet fishing town. It has a small chicken population outside of the fishing area that can be killed for feathers, as few other players kill them. There is also a Windmill, anvil, and grain patch nearby.

The main attractions of Hemenster are the two guilds nearby: the Fishing Guild and the Ranging Guild. The Temple of Ikov and the city of Ardougne is just south of the Ranging Guild, and a dungeon filled with goblins can be accessed just south. There is also a Master Farmer near the Windmill and Farming shop, who may be pickpocketed for seeds. Near Hemenster is also one of the only 4 Allotment patches in the game (near Ardougne). Hemenster was also the main site for the Battle of Plain of Mud which took place in the modern day Fishing Guild.


Several quests take place in Hemenster:

File:Hemester 2.png

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