This article is about Hallowland (aka the Hallowed Lands), an ancient region. See The Hollows if you are looking for the article about a present-day region of Morytania.

The Hallowed Lands is a name given to a region—now encompassing Morytania, the Sanguinesti Region, and possibly parts of the Southern Sea—which was ruled by the Icyene during the Fourth Age of Gielinor. The kingdom was heavily wooded, but arable. The capital, Hallowvale, became known as Meiyerditch during the Fourth Age, after Lord Drakan's conquest of the region.


It is unclear as to when the Hallowed Lands first arose; however, most historians are fairly confident of their existence by the early-Fourth Age. It is likely that the Icyene engaged in trade with the Menaphites of the Kharidian Desert, and the people of the mysterious Eastern Lands.

After the collapse of Zaros' empire during the early Third Age, there were many wars for dominance in the region. At the beginning of the Third Age Saradomin conquered most or maybe all of Zaros' empire. After Zamorak returned he conquered Morytania which he held until near the end of the God Wars. Saradomin reconquered Morytania and created the Hallow Lands which lasted to the year 820 of the Fourth Age.


There is some confusion as to the time of these events. The reason people get confused is because they confuse Zamorak's invasion of Morytania with Drakan's invasion. Zamorak's invasion happened during the God Wars, while Drakan's invasion happened during the year 860 of the Fourth Age.

The end of the Hallowed Lands came about when Lord Drakan invaded the region in Zamorak's name. He captured King Ascertes, and made false promises to the Queen of Hallowland, Queen Efaritay, in order to make her surrender. He then used his powers—Vampyres do not appear to have such abilities today; he may have been more powerful then, or Zamorak may have granted him powers—to flood the land and blot out the sun, turning Hallowland into a ravaged and largely inhospitable swamp. He converted Hallowland's cities into ghettos, where Humans were (and still are) farmed for their blood, and subjugated the northern parts of what is now Morytania to Blood tithes.

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