Forester's Arms
Release date Unknown edit
Location Seers' Village
Members only? Yes
Sells Beer, Meat Pie, Stew
NPCs Bartender, Poison Salesman
Monsters 6 Man/Woman
Related quests Barcrawl,Murder Mystery, The Fremennik Trials
Other info None

Forester's Arms is the tavern in Seers' Village. The place is featured in the Bar Crawl, selling a Liverbane Ale for 18 coins; the ale temporarily lowers Attack, Defence, Fletching, Firemaking and Woodcutting by 6 points, so don't plan to pursue those skills after running the Bar Crawl here. In addition to Beer, the bartender sells Meat pie for 16 coins and bowls of Stew for 20 coins, these are good prices but there's a bit of dialogue to go through for each one bought, so it's a bit slow if large quantities are wanted. The Poison salesman works his trade here; he features in the Murder Mystery and Fremennik trials quests. There are a number of NPC's to train on. This bar is used in the Seers' Village Diary, in which you have to give 5 men or women a glass of Cider. There is a typo in the chat when you give a local a glass of cider.&nbsp The Forester's Arms has an upstairs as well, here you can find Idria from While Guthix Sleeps quest.

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