Varrock Exam Centre Mort Myre Swamp
Mage Training Arena

The Exam Centre is a location in Misthalin that is central to several quests. Its access is limited to members only.

The Digsite Quest may be started by talking to any of the examiners here. Searching through the bookshelves will allow the player to find the Beaten Book, which is the starting point of the Elemental Workshop II quest, provided the player has completed the Elemental Workshop I Quest.

The Exam Centre also contains a Potter's wheel.

It is also used during The Golem quest to get Varmen's notes. They are found in the south-east bookshelf.

Clapping in the exam centre is part of various Treasure Trails. In addition, there is a locked chest under one of the red dragons' heads on the wall which plays a part in Treasure Trails.

You can identify a liquid, collected from the barrel in Digsite by giving it to expert here. The identified liquid - Nitroglycerin - is commonly used with Dharok's set in the Pest Control activity.

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