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Also called?




Independent (Before Blood Runs Deep), Miscellania (After Blood Runs Deep


No. of banks




Queen Sigrid (Before Blood Runs Deep), King Vargas and Queen Sigrid (During and after Blood Runs Deep)



Fremennik Humans.


Miscellania Etceteria Trollweiss Mountain
Waterbirth Island

Etceteria is a city located east of the kingdom of Miscellania. In the past, the two kingdoms were in a war. Etceteria was ruled by Queen Sigrid alone, but during Throne of Miscellania, an adventurer managed to make her fall in love with King Vargas of Miscellania, with the help of Prince Brand. During Royal Trouble, Etceterian supplies were stolen, which was blamed on the Miscellanians and their supposed 'huge army'. It turns out, that neither side had a huge army, or any major plans to invade one another. After finding out it was in fact dejected teenagers lead by Arnold, the two kingdoms went to peace. During Blood Runs Deep the Vargas and Sigrid get married, thus uniting Miscellania and Etceteria.

The Etceterian locals will gather resources for you after the completion of Royal Trouble. On the island itself, there are two farming patches close by.

Note: If you attack a Skraeling or any citizens on this island, your loyalty rating will not fall like on mainland Miscellania as they will not shout out for help.

Travel Edit

  • The boat to the south of the island leads to a dock in Rellekka. The Sailor shall let you use the boat only if you have completed The Fremennik Trials quest.
  • If you have 83 Farming and have grown a spirit tree here, you can use it to teleport here.
  • Fairy ring code CIP which teleports the player north of the castle on Miscellania.
  • If the player's Construction is level 30 or higher the player is able to move their house to Rellekka for 10,000 coins. They can then simply use house teleport, walk a short distance north, and then sail to Miscellania.
  • If you have lunar spells turned on, a player can teleport to Lunar Isle without a Seal of Passage; then talk to anyone on Lunar Isle so they send the player back to Relleka. Then take the boat to Miscellania at the port.

Notable features Edit

Managing Miscellania Edit

Main article: Managing Miscellania

Shops Edit

In the courtyard of the Etceterian castle are market areas which include fish and vegetable stalls where you may practice thieving. A level 2 Guard may attack you. You may steal cabbages, garlic, onions, potatoes, or tomatoes from the vegetable stalls at level 2 thieving. If you have level 42 thieving you can pilfer raw salmon, tuna or lobster.

Arnor and Matilda can be found here.

If you are caught stealing you cannot buy anything from the stalls for about 48 hours (instead of the usual 15–30 minutes) but unlike Miscellania, your loyalty will NOT decrease.

Greengrocer storeEdit

File:M&E greengrocer.png

Item Price
Cabbage 1 coin
Potato 16 coins
Onion 12 coins
Tomato 14 coins
Garlic 3 coins


File:M&E fishmonger.png

Item Price
Fishing rod 5 coins
Fly fishing rod 5 coins
Harpoon 45 coins
Lobster pot 20 coins
Fishing bait 3 coins
Feather 6 coins
Big fishing net 20 coins
Raw sardine 10 coins

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