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The Easter Bunny's Burrow is the base of operations for the Chocolate Egg Factory. The burrow has featured in the majority of previous Easter events, and is likely to do so again in the near future. The entrance is located south of Falador and just north of Rimmington, near the Crafting Guild. During the 2006 Easter event, the player found a magic carrot flavoured egg, which was hidden by the Easter Bunny's hypnotized rabbits. When the player ate one of these eggs over a rabbit hole, the player would transform into a rabbit, allowing them access to the warren.

During subsequent events, to enter the warren, the Easter Bunny will cast a spell on you that turns you into a rabbit. The burrow usually consists of two main areas. A maze of tunnels, which is present each year, and the main part of the Egg Factory, which changes to reflect the Easter Bunny's current predicament. Depending on the event, when you enter the warren, you will either find yourself in the maze of tunnels, which has recently been overrun by a series of non-aggressive monsters, which you must traverse in order to access the Egg Plant; or the Rabbit hole will give you direct access to the plant, as seen during the 2008 Easter event. Note that since the 2009 Easter event, you will not be able to enter the tunnels with any items in your inventory, but the Easter Bunny will help you by banking all your items, however only once.

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These are the NPCs that can be found in the Easter Bunny's Burrow.

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