The Dragontooth Shipwreck is accessed during the quest Rocking Out. The Diving apparatus is required in order to reach it, as the shipwreck is located underwater.

Area mapEdit

File:Dragontooth shipwreck map.png


File:Rocking out 6.PNG
File:Dragontooth shipwreck top deck.jpg

Players will require several items to travel to Dragontooth Island:

To dive into the Dragontooth Shipwreck, players will require:

Getting thereEdit

  • At Port Phasmatys, talk to the ghost with a small boat, at the docks. The ghost will take the player to the Dragontooth Island.
  • At the island, travel northeast and locate a chain. This chain can be used to dive underwater to the shipwreck.
  • Players should wear the Diving apparatus, and dive down using the chain.
  • The Brine Sabre special attack will not be enhanced in this underwater environment.
  • Only if your player has completed A Soul's Bane can the player go down.


There are several different creatures that dwell underwater here:


  • For some reason, the Brine sabre's special attack, Liquify, does not function here despite quite clearly being an underwater area.
  • This area is inaccessible after the quest has been completed.