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This article is about island. For the music track, see Dragontooth Island (music track).

Dragontooth Island is a members-only island which lies just off the eastern coast of Morytania.

Getting thereEdit

Wear a Ghostspeak Amulet and go to the Port Phasmatys south-east pier which is northeast of the bank. The Ghost captain by the rowing boat will take the player there and back for 25 ectotokens (10 if the player charms him with a Ring of Charos).


Though the Island is of little interest to the casual observer, it's a natural respite of beauty to the Ghost captain who takes you there, and presumably to most of the populace of Morytania. It's the only place Morytanians are able to easily reach that is not a dead, decaying swamp or a ghoulish, haunted forest filled with dead trees.

For players, there is little else to do there beyond cutting Evergreen trees for the Woodcutting skill, or harvesting buckets of sap. Once in a while, a penguin from Distractions and Diversions may be found on the island.

On the island stands a lone statue of Saradomin, which was erected by a group of refugees fleeing from Morytania. The refugees left the island shortly afterwards, continuing their journey to the Eastern Lands.


This island features in these quests:

  • Ghosts Ahoy. The player needs to find the Book of Haricanto by going to the Saradomin statue and following the instructions of the Treasure Map. The location of the book is found in the middle of the southern part of the island. The book can be dug up with a Spade.
  • Rocking Out. The player finds an idol in a shipwreck off shore by diving at the diving chain on the northern part of the island. A Fishbowl helmet and Diving apparatus are required for the dive. The player can only dive here during the quest. Attempting to dive at the chain after the quest fails with the comment 'You have no idea what is down there!'.


In the 25th edition of the Postbag from the Hedge, Reldo the Varrockian librarian shed some light on the history of the island. Before and during the God Wars, the island itself was used as a Saradominist outpost, until its destruction late in the God Wars (or possibly in the early Fourth Age; details are sketchy). After this it was dilapidated and unused for the better part of 2,000 years, until eventually, in year 70 Fifth Age approx., when refugees from Morytania, on a journey to the Eastern Lands, landed on Dragontooth and erected the statue of Saradomin that stands there to this day.

Trivia Edit

  • Players need not visit Dragontooth Island to unlock its soundtrack, thus Free-to-play players have access to it. This bug has been present in the game since around the release of the Defender of Varrock quest, and has still not been fixed.
  • Paying the fare to go to the island is one of the few uses of Ecto-tokens in the game.

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