Doric's Hut is a small hut located south of Goblin Village, near the gate to Taverley It plays a key part in the quest Doric's Quest as well as a small, yet important, role in the quest Devious Minds. Doric the smithing dwarf lives in the hut (hence the name). There is a small wheat field next to Doric's Hut, which will occasionally form a wheat circle and transport the player to Puro-Puro.

Doric's Quest can be started by talking to Doric This quest is useful for players who want to quickly level up mining. After the quest, players can use the 2 anvils there, these anvils are currently the closest anvils to any banks in Falador.

Although access to Doric's anvils are granted by completing the quest Doric's Quest, the anvils are not recommended for use, other than for sheer convenience, as, even in free worlds, there are many anvils that are situated much closer to banks, a key example being the anvil south of Varrock west bank.

The whetstone in the hut is used in the Devious Minds quest. You will need to smith a Mithril two-handed sword down into a metal part of a bow-sword at the whetstone in the hut (which requires completion of Doric's Quest to use). Later on you will need to string the bow-sword in order to complete it, so it can be used in the quest. This is the only whetstone in the game in which the bow-sword can be smithed on.

Also, although appearing in non-member worlds, the whetstone has no use there, aside from appearance.

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