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Dorgesh-Kaan is the capital city of the Dorgeshuun cave goblin tribe. The city can only be accessed after completion of Death to the Dorgeshuun quest. Other quests later in the series (like Another Slice of H.A.M) allow use of certain features of the city (like the train to Keldagrim).

Introduction Edit

The city itself is very large, rivaling other capitals such as Keldagrim and Varrock. The city is two stories tall, with the bottom level containing many side chambers where goblins live and work. Built on the second floor are many free-standing houses and public buildings, including the Council Chambers and local school. The city's design is very intricate, and its maze-like layout and strange architecture often confuse those visiting the city for the first time. Dorgesh-Kaan is lit by a complex system of magical light orbs, powered by a geothermal power plant located in the dungeon south of the city.

History Edit

Several thousand years ago, during the height of the bloody God Wars, the Dorgeshuun were a war-like tribe of goblins. Like the rest of the goblin race, the Dorgeshuun served the god Bandos, an entity that revelled in war and bloodshed. For many years the Dorgeshuun fought the other races of the world in his name. However, some years into the war, Bandos ordered the tribe to fight in a battle that they could not win and that would result in the death of them all(maybe fighting with Dwarves or Humans). To escape this fate, the Dorgeshuun refused to fight for Bandos; as punishment, he banished them to a life beneath the surface of the world. The Dorgeshuun soon adapted to this way of life. Rather than suffering for their blasphemy, the Dorgeshuun embraced their new home and built the mighty city of Dorgesh-Kaan, but not before a massive government reform and violent civil war. The Tribal and Republic factions fought for some time, attempting to gain control of the city. Only when the Tribal army and leader, General Bonehelm, were killed in a cave-in did the city truly begin to grow. Hidden from the wars of the surface, it quickly became what was, at the time, one of very few permanent settlements in Gielinor. Built upon peace and brotherhood, it differed greatly from the catastrophic surface world.

File:Dorgeshkaan fountain.gif

Only recently did the Dorgeshuun reveal their city to humans. Having existed for so long with no outside threats, the city has become prosperous enough to attract many human visitors. Merchants travel to the marketplace in hopes of making their fortune selling exotic surface foods to the cave goblins. Diplomats, such as Duke Horacio of Lumbridge and the Consortium of Keldagrim seek to establish diplomatic ties with the goblins. Adventurers come to the city to slay the beasts that exist in the city's unexplored caverns and caves. Others travel merely to sample the cave goblin's unique food or to study the goblin's advances in magic.

Map Edit

The ground floor, first floor and second floors of Dorgesh-Kaan respectively.

Ground floor.First floor.Second floor.

Features Edit

  • The marketplace is a good place to start. Reldak the armourer will sell Frog Leather armour, and a general store and lamp stall can also be found here. Most of the other merchants will sell strange foods made from local resources. The food merchants will buy any surface foods for higher prices than normal, as it is new to them.
  • Miltog's lamp shop has torches, mining helmets and tinderboxes in its main stock and other light sources in its player stock.
  • A high level Agility course can be found south of the city; it requires 80 Agility. An alternative route using a Mithril grapple requires 80 Strength and 80 Ranged and provides ranged experience.
  • Below the agility course is a large dungeon, the Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon. It has a unique Slayer monster called a Molanisk, as well as other beasts such as cave slime, giant frogs, and both large and small varieties of cave bugs.
  • There is a Fairy ring - AJQ in the dungeon. The exit from the dungeon to the city is north-west of the ring. See RS KB for map (top right).
File:Sphere break.gif

File:Dorgesh Kaan chests.png
File:Oldak thingymajig.gif

Shops Edit

Transportation Edit

There are multiple ways of accessing Dorgesh-Kaan, although compared to other cities, it is in a bad position with poor access.

NPCs Edit

Quests Edit

Monsters Edit

Music Edit

Trivia Edit

File:RSHD Login2.png
  • With the release of the city, all cave goblins have had their graphics changed.
  • Dorgesh-Kaan is on the login screen, in position 2.
  • Dorgesh-Kaan shares many traits with the City of Ember, which features in the 2003 novel of the same name. In both Dorgesh-Kaan and Ember, massive lightbulb networks are used as the cities' primary light sources. Both networks are powered by massive generators, and both cities are introduced with their inhabitants unaware that there is a surface above-ground.
  • Despite its large size, Dorgesh-Kaan is one of the least crowded cities in RuneScape, due to its location and facilities.
  • Movario and Darve, who are found in the Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon, were released along with the rest of the city but initially served no immediate purpose. Although they could be spoken to about their following of Lucien, it was not until While Guthix Sleeps was released that they became significant.
  • As of the update on 9 November 2009, a problem with some of the walls in Dorgesh-Kaan has been fixed.

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