File:Chicken Shrine.png
File:Chicken Shrine Zanaris.png

The Chicken Shrine is a small statue located near the original entrance of Zanaris. It is near the ring that connects to the tool shed in Lumbridge Swamp.

By offering raw chicken to the shrine, players can travel to the Evil Chicken's Lair, home of the Evil Chicken, as long as they have reached a certain point in Sir Amik Varze's portion of Recipe for Disaster. A normal chicken egg spawns in front of the shrine - not to be confused with the Evil chicken's egg for Recipe for Disaster.

Warning: before activating the shrine with a Raw chicken, equip an anti dragon shield or a dragonfire shield and drink any needed potions. There are black dragons lurking right after the Shrine. They can hit over 500 life points with their dragonfire.


  • If you pick up the egg next to the shrine and use it on the shrine, the text "Nice idea, but nothing interesting happens" shows instead of the normal "Nothing interesting happens".