This article is about the hut in the Wilderness. For other uses, see Chaos Temple.
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The Chaos Temple is a structure in Level 38 Wilderness. It is not to be confused with the Chaos Temple (Wilderness) which is actually marked Chaos Temple on the map, while the hut is not. Each contains a Chaos Altar where players can recharge their Prayer. The hut has two levels, a ground floor containing the altar and a upper, outside ledge or balcony where four Elite Black Knights patrol. There are no stairs or other direct connection between the two levels. The balcony can be accessed via Lucien's camp to the west, although this is not possible until during and after the While Guthix Sleeps quest. This area is also often used a for some co'ordinate clue scrolls which lead to right behind the altar.

This area is a Revenant hunting hotspot on world 141. Revenant Orks and Werewolves are most common in this location. Revenant hunts are often started at this location as well.

Rock formationEdit


South of the altar is a rock formation which appears to be a set of stairs. This feature currently has no use and cannot even be examined.