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The Hollows Castle Drakan Meiyerditch

Castle Drakan is the home of Lord Drakan, the vampyre lord of Morytania. Found just north of Meiyerditch, it looms over the Sanguinesti Region and reminds all that are trapped there of the vampyres' dominance.

Castle Drakan cannot currently be accessed by players due to the walls that surround it. There are also pipes leaking strange liquid to the swamp, these pipes are belived to be the output of the Sanguinesti Virus, which is currently affecting the citizens of Mort'ton. Though players cannot enter the castle or its grounds, it is thought that they will be able to with the upcoming Part 5 of the Myreque quest series.

In the quest Darkness of Hallowvale the player must assist Safalaan Hallow, a member of The Myreque in drawing the castle from the north, west and south. Also below the castle walls at a certain point of drawing the castle, players see a cutscene with Vanstrom Klause speaking to Lord Drakan's relatives and a juvinate.


If a player goes North-East of Barrows, at the very corner, the first floor of the castle can be seen. There are two yellow dots on the map of the balcony; these were thought to be his brother, Ranis Drakan and his sister, Vanescula Drakan. However, if you see to the point with an Orb of Oculus, you can see that these yellow dots are just normal vyrewatch standing under the balcony, though their purpose is unknown and they never move.

If a player ever tries to turn his or her screen towards the castle to look inside, all they would see is a blank, glitchy wall. Using the Orb of Oculus it is possible to see into the buildings to the east of the castle, belived to be the town of Darkmeyer, though their interiors are unfinished and blank.

The architecture of the castle looks very similar to the castle that the Dragonkin are seen in during the quests A Tail of Two Cats, and While Guthix Sleeps. As of 25 May 2010, thunder can now be heard near Castle Drakan, as mentioned in the patch notes of that month. It is unknown if this will relate to a future update or simply just added scenery.

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