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Camdozaal is located inside Ice Mountain. It was once the hall of the Imcando dwarves, but it is now in ruins.

Camdozaal can be accessed during and after the Defender of Varrock quest.

Note: A light source is required in Camdozaal. Without one, biting insects will attack you, constantly hitting for 10 points of damage until you crawl out of the cave. The insects cannot be fought and protection Prayers do not affect them, so Camdozaal can be dangerous to be in without a light source.

History of CamdozaalEdit

Camdozaal was a crucial centre for the Imcando dwarves. The hall was destroyed by barbarians during the Runecrafting Crusades, as the barbarians feared the use of magic like the superheating of ore spell the dwarves were using. The collapse of the hall killed many Imcando dwarves, and all but one of the survivors then fled the hall. Blind Ramarno stayed in the ruins to tend the Sacred Forge. He survives on the water and fish from the pool that connects to the outside world.

It seems that most of the Imcando dwarves perished during the destruction of the hall. After the hall was ruined, many people throughout Gielinor believed that all imcando dwarves died. In recent times, two survivors have been found, Thurgo and Ramarno.

At the moment, there are two rubble-filled tunnels leading to the south and west. The tunnels are inaccessible.

The Sacred ForgeEdit

File:Sacred forge of Camdozaal.png

The Sacred Forge survived intact the ruin of the hall. This forge is magical and is sacred to the imcando dwarves. Events in the Defender of Varrock quest suggest this forge was used to make the Shield of Arrav.




  • "Zaal" is the Dutch word for 'hall' or 'large room'
  • It is possible that Camdozaal is based on the Mines of Moria from J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring."