Brimhaven mining site
File:BrimhavenSWMine location.png


Also known as?
Brimhaven dungeon mine, south brimhaven mine


Location South-east of Brimhaven, near entrance to Brimhaven Dungeon
Members only? Yes
Rocks 6 Gold rocks
Monsters None
Requirements None

Brimhaven mining site is a mine located south-west of Brimhaven by the entrance to Brimhaven dungeon. The mine contains 6 gold rocks, as well as being a possible landing site for the Shooting stars Distractions and Diversions. Due to its large distance from a bank and few gold rocks, it is not recommended for any use, unless you have your house in brimhaven and you can bank there. There are too few gold rocks for this mine to be used effectively to gather exp, and the north-western brimhaven gold mine with 10 gold rocks and a gold ore spawn is better in every sense, unless one is waiting for a shooting star to crash.


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