File:Bfish scape .PNG Bone Yard no longer exists due to an update.
File:Bone Yard.png

The Bone Yard was a location in level 32 Wilderness that was known for its numerous respawns of bones and Big bones. Level 25 Skeletons patrolled the area, but for those non-members that could defend themselves against the skeletons, it was an effective place for them to train Prayer. Lower-levelled members also found this area helpful when initially training Prayer, but many moved on to better methods such as the Ectofuntus.

Since the 10 December 2007 updates, the Bone Yard no longer exists, the location now being part of Clan Wars. However, its music track, Shining, can still be unlocked just south-east of the ruins near Clan Wars.


  • The music track Shining is most likely a reference to the novel by Stephen King.
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