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Barrows Town

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Castle Drakan
Mort'ton Unnamed Town Meiyerditch
Burgh De Rott

The Barrows Town or Abandoned Town is the unofficial name given by players to an empty and unnamed town just outside the walls of the Barrows Brothers' graves, and the Barrows activity, in southern Morytania. The town is small and dilapidated, with four small buildings that the player cannot see into. The doors cannot be opened, though when examined they will bring up the text "It's locked." In the centre of the town, there is a waterpump which still works, and another house, open with a Crumbling tome on the table, at the entrance to Barrows.

This village may be the remains of the camp of the Saradominist army that invaded Morytania on their crusade to free the region again, known as the Morytania Campaign. When the Six Barrows brothers were killed, their men made a camp here and buried them at the barrows. The Abandoned Barrows Town may either be the camp, or a village that stood near their camp.

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