A Bar, Pub, Inn or Tavern is a place where beer is sold. Other drinks and foods may also be sold. On the world map they are identified by the beer icon (Beer).

List of bars Edit

Bar Location
Asp and Snake Pollivineach
Big Heist Lodge Bandit Camp (Kharidian Desert)
Blue Moon Inn Varrock
Blurberry's Bar Grand Tree
Dancing Donkey Inn Varrock
Dead Man's Chest Brimhaven
Dragon Inn Yanille
Esoterican Arms Miscellania dungeon
Fight Arena Bar Fight Arena
Flying Horse Inn Ardougne
Forester's Arms Seers' Village
Green Ghost Inn Port Phasmatys
Hair of the Dog Canifis
Harpoon Joe's House of 'Rum' Mos Le'Harmless
Jolly Boar Inn Varrock
Karamja Spirits Bar Karamja
King's Axe Inn Keldagrim
Laughing Miner Keldagrim
Long Hall Gunnarsgrunn
Other Inn Mos Le'Harmless
Paramayer Inn Shilo Village
Party Room Falador
Poison Arrow Ardougne
Ratpit Bar Keldagrim
Ratpit Bar (Varrock) Varrock
Rellekka Longhall Rellekka
Rising Sun Falador
Rusty Anchor Port Sarim
Skull in a Chest Inn
(not player accessible, mentioned in a Message)
The Dilapidated
(out of business; the basement serves as a Myreque base)
Burgh de Rott
Toad and Chicken Burthorpe


Below is a list of quests that involve bars:

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